White Sox Get Buried In The Meadows’ Lands

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6 months ago


Opens an envelope, also, inside, is an invitation.   “Wow, what magnificent calligraphy.   Someone took their calligraphy course at 8 PM every Wednesday for six weeks at a local school quite severely.   Patrick Bateman will be covetous of This elevated font.”   Reading,”Please connect us, the Tampa Bay Rays, for the Star Mitzvah of all Austin Meadows.   The ninth of April, two thousand and nineteen at twenty-four hours after two o’clock in the afternoon at Temple Fantasy Tova Those Other Outfielders.   A reception to follow one of those 37 local Hooter’s restaurants at the Tampa region.   Rather than gifts, please attract Cash.   Our supervisor, he gets lost”   I wonder if I was encouraged because I wrote an Austin Meadows sleeper that preseason.   Prolly.   Meadows is breaking out!   *stays super calm, subsequently screams*  I TOLD YOU!   Yesterday, Austin Meadows travelled 4-for-5, 2 runs, 4 RBIs and also a slam (3) and legs (two ), hitting .308.   This really is the start of the items I imagine because of himand, ultimately he becomes a person.   Here’s what I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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