Sabermetrics news: Sale and the Red Sox have struggled to start 2019

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7 months ago

Chris Sale’s early troubles; adjustments to Old Hoss and Ty Cobb’s stats; Chris Paddack’s vulcan change

FanGraphs | Rachael McDaniel: Chris Sale has an ERA of 9.00 to start the season, and the Red Sox have suffered for it. The main issue for Sale this season has been his slider, which is not being located directly in the middle of the zone, as well as his fastball, which has barely generated whiffs this year.

Bill James Online | Steven Goldleaf: These are small statistical notes, but not really sabermetric: they’re historical. Our friend Old Hoss Radbourn has now been credited for 60 instead of 59 wins for the single-season win record, and Ty Cobb has had his career hit total lowered by two hits to 4,189. It’s just very funny that even with all of the information out there, the Retrosheet data still is adjusted and re-analyzed for older games to correct and change the record.

The Athletic | Eno Sarris ($): Chris Paddack of the Padres has introduced the “vulcan change,” a pitch so nasty that it could put him on the map. It is commanded well and exit velocities have been below 40 (!) mph, making it a top-ten pitch by that metric.

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