Sabermetrics news: Jorge Alfaro has the highest BABIP ever

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6 months ago

Brad the Fly-ball switch; Jorge Alfaro’s BABIP of Hand; Josh Gibson’s 1943 campaign

FanGraphs | Ben Clemens: Brad Hand is still prosperous, but this period at a stranger way than previously. He has essentially ditched groundballs as a piece of the strike, as an alternative trapping himself and reshaping his four seamer so it leads to fly balls. The end result was a 1.08 ERA to begin the year.

Zach Crizer ($): Jorge Alfaro does something pretty amazing: he has the maximum BABIP in baseball heritage. He’s been doing this by hitting the ball onto a more-or-less level plane, and as long as the strikeouts don’t meet him up lead (possibly necessarily ) to weaker contact, then this could sustain a excellent season, and also a wonderful career.

Banished to the Pen | Bill Thompson: Negro Leagues player proved some times more myth than reality, and not one embodied more than Josh Gibson. The height of Gibson’s stardom was 1943, when he hit .486/.489/.862 and directed his Grays to a Negro World collection triumph. Memories and the stories of his greatness have and will live on, although unfortunately he passed away just four years after from cancer.

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