RCL Update: The Year That Was, 2019

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2 weeks ago

Start the drum roll!  Twenty-six weeks down and now we have twenty-six more until the start of next year’s fantasy baseball season.  It’s perfect symmetry, because fantasy baseball is the perfect fantasy sport. Before we turn our eyes to next season we first have to recap this past season and with that, our overall Razzball Commenter Leagues Champion…Backdoor Splitters!  It was a wild back and forth between Backdoor and FFB since week 16 or so. I’m pretty pumped for the Splitters for a couple reasons. Firstly, Backdoor has been knocking on the front door of an overall title for many seasons now.  In 2018, they finished 6th overall, 2017 – 18th overall, 2016 – 3rd overall, 2015 – 5th overall and 2014 – 29th overall. Not too shabby, eh? This also marks the first time an ECFBL champ has won the overall title. I’m partial to the ECFBL, having taken over as commish of the league for the late, great Paulie Allnuts back in 2014 and being a member since 2013.  In that time we’ve had a couple second overall finishes and a handful of top 20s but never an overall. It’s perennially one of the toughest RCLs with a high League Competitive Index that makes it tough to really run away with the league. Backdoor Splitters, in his first season in the league did just that though, running away with things with a 112 point score. That, coupled with the 108 LCI was enough to take the overall crown by 0.8 points.  The Splitters really rake it in, winning themselves a $250 Best Buy gift card! More importantly though, the Splitters get a Razzball T-Shirt and RCL glory. Who can put a price on that? Oh, it’s $25, well then, moving on. You may know the Splitters more by their commenting handle of The Big Yabu, so the next time you see a comment (likely in this post) be sure to heap on the praise and congratulations. The Splitters fended off some very tough competitors this year to claim the RCL crown.  The Fat Fuckin Babies were the toughest competition, I gave it a quick run as did a handful of others. This is The Backdoor Splitters’ moment though, so hopefully they pop in, take a bow and soak it up, they earned it.  

Here’s what else what happened this year and this final week of the RCLs:

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