One Man’s Trash: Holy Moly, Civale!

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5 months ago

Over the past year, I’ve become friends with a Canadian couple, as both of our children attend the same school. #Parentlife. After going through all the pleasantries and confirming/denying all the stereotypes….yes, they are super nice, but get road rage like normal people who live in LA, there were two events that made me realize how desensitized I’ve become. Fellow Canadian man: Holy shit! The school got locked down because of a shooting a few blocks away. Me: Welcome to LA. Fellow Canadian man: Damn! Did you feel that earthquake yesterday? Me: Welcome to LA. Then I went into deep thought and began pondering the meaning of life. Have I become an emotionless robot? Thank goodness for fantasy baseball, as I remember the anxiety of waiting for my pick during the draft, the feeling of wanting to tilt my face off when I got sniped, and the exhilaration of successfully streaming a no-name off the wire. Well, Aaron Civale of the Cleveland Indians has given me that tingly feeling recently. As a result, he’s been added in 16.4% of ESPN leagues. Trash or treasure?

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