Go Buy The Clint For Play And Do Something Frazier For Once

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8 months ago

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I’m going to share a Missed Connection posting with you that I’ve been working on; let me know if there’s anything you’d change.  “Hello, Ginger.  I saw you at a Wetzel’s Pretzels in Roosevelt Field on Saturday.  I don’t know if Ginger is your name, but your hair was the color of a carrot.  Not a carrot’s top, that’s green.  I don’t know why people say that’s orange.  You looked off the scale on the crazy/hot ratio.  Your arm freckles looked like God spilled Sunny D on you.  One blonde child turned the corner, saw you and immediately started crying.  Does any of this ring a bell?  At one point, you stepped into a sliver of sunlight and starting screaming, ‘I’m burning!’  You were wearing a New York Yankees jersey with the name Frazier on the back.  If this sounds like you, please contact me.  I need an outfielder.”  How’s that?  Do you think I could get myself a 5th outfielder with that?  So, Clint Frazier finds himself in an everyday job with the Yankees.  How long he lasts is up to Giancarlo, Hicks and Gardner’s health, but I’d own Frazier everywhere to see if he can finally tap that speed/power combo.  Speaking of which, he kinda looks like Pizza Combos.  Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in fantasy baseball:

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