Effectively Wild Episode 1376: Root, Root, Root for the Run Differential

Baseball News
6 months ago

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about Chris Sale’s seven-inning, 17-strikeout game and the Marlins’ ineptitude, then answer listener emails about differences in home-run distance, rooting for run differential, reimagining errors (and quality starts), whether catchers would still squat after robot umpires were implemented, when relief innings will surpass starter innings, no-hitters as team accomplishments, and the most runs scored in a game by one player who accounted for all of his team’s runs, plus a Stat Blast about hustle doubles.

Audio intro: Elton John, "Between Seventeen and Twenty"
Audio outro: Chip Taylor, "Michael’s Song"

Link to Craig’s post on Sale
Link to David Kagan’s site
Link to Pederson homer
Link to Acuña homer
Link to tall-catchers episode
Link to Ben on the opener and the 1993 A’s
Link to Mike’s memorial page
Link to preorder The MVP Machine

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