Chris Archer, Yasiel Puig, and Reds manager David Bell all receive suspensions after brawl

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6 months ago

The Pirates and Reds had themselves a bit of a scuffle and now a few of them are headed for time out.

One of the big marketing ploys that MLB has been using lately has been the line “Let the kids play” while showing some of the games stars showing emotion on the field whether it was with bat flips or fist pumps while skipping off the mound. While Chris Archer was seemingly one of the players that this campaign was talking about, he apparently did not get the memo against the Reds.

Archer took exception to Derek Dietrich admiring the home run that he hit off of Archer that landed in the river and apparently there was a bit of history between the two with video of Archer celebrating strikeouts of Dietrich rather enthusiastically circulating on social media over the last couple of days. This resulted in Archer throwing at Dietrich in a way that can very easily be seen as intentional which resulted in the benches clearing and members of both teams getting into it.

MLB has now handed down its judgment on the matter.

Suspensions announced from Sunday’s Reds-Pirates brawl

Chris Archer five games
Yasiel Puig two games
David Bell one game

All received fines as well.

— Kyle Glaser (@KyleAGlaser) April 9, 2019

Basically this works out that Archer will either miss his next start or (more likely) he will get an extra day of rest before his next start as his punishment for intentionally throwing at Dietrich. The Reds’ Yasiel Puig, who looked like he was trying to fight the entire Pirates roster during the scrum, will have to sit two games while Reds manager David Bell will have to sit a game. All three received fines of undisclosed amounts and when they serve their suspensions will largely be determined by whether or not any of them appeal their punishments, although the statement leads one to believe that both Puig and Bell will go ahead and serve their suspensions.

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